Digitalisation for Small Business

What does it mean?

Going digital is a process of adopting digital technologies to help improve and streamline your business.

Digitalisation applies to all aspects of an organisation. Business processes, models, domains, cultural and organisational.

It isn’t just a list of tasks, it is a mindset and a cultural change.

What are the benefits of digital transformation?

    • It works 24/7

    • Increased revenue

    • Saves time

    • Limits human error

    • Increased efficiency

    • Data is saved and can be shared within the organisation instead of in a persons memory

    • All history can be kept

    • Eliminate the risk of paper records being lost or damaged

    • Reduced manual processes

Not just for enterprises

Going digital isn’t just for enterprises, it is for all business sizes from sole traders to large enterprises.

It isn’t something that should be implemented overnight, it is something that should be done as a step by step process to ensure you get the most out of the transformation and also reduces the risk of interruption.

If you ignore the “digital era” you and your business will fall behind!

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