Managed WiFi

WiFi on its own is generally OK for some networks but others require a bit more control. For example, you may want to provide guest WiFi or cover a larger area with with your WiFi. This is where managed WiFi works for you. When introducing a guest network for your customers or visitors it is

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Environment Monitoring

Servers and network equipment should be kept in a clean environment at a certain temperature and humidity. If the temperature is too high the equipment will overheat If the humidity is too high you risk electronic shorts which will damage circuit boards If the humidity is too low the risk of static is increased which

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Patch Management

Patching machines can seem like a low priority task to the end user, when changes are not usually obvious and in some cases cause disruption at the most inconvenient times. Updating machines can actually be critical where a vulnerability has been identified. For example, on multiple occasions a vulnerability has been reported where an unpatched

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A critical part of protecting your business is backing up your data. Some businesses never fully recover from data loss and it is something that can be easily avoided but also is often overlooked. A critical storage failure or even a failed cloud provider is something that can happen to any business. There are many

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Remote Working

Remote working is not anything new to the world but has become a much larger requirement for almost all businesses. There are many different ways to implement remote working and it needs to be designed with care and caution or it can quickly become unmanageable. Depending on your requirements you may want to keep all

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