A critical part of protecting your business is backing up your data. Some businesses never fully recover from data loss and it is something that can be easily avoided but also is often overlooked.

A critical storage failure or even a failed cloud provider is something that can happen to any business.

There are many types of backups, some that have a long retention period where you are able to restore files from any date in the retention period and others that can restore a whole server to a virtual instance to quickly recover from server failure. Some backups can even do both.

If all your data is stored on your server then this is your primary concern, however if you also store data on various laptops remotely you also need to ensure they are protected too.

Most newer PCs, laptops and some servers are now using SSD drives instead of the older mechanical drives. This is great because they are so much faster, but one downfall is that when they fail it is harder to retrieve data from, making backups that bit more important.

Backups are something that should be tailored to the business type and this is something that Apex IT can help with.

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