There are a few forms of IT support. We recommend general IT support which should include a fully managed solution.

Relax, we have you covered

IT security does not always have to be a headache. We are here to help you get the most out of your IT.

The most cost effective support for your business is one where a company can help you with all the elements of your IT. 

They can not only support you but help you make IT decisions and manage your cloud services.

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It is ideal if the IT equipment is supported, managed and monitored by a dedicated team or company but this is not always possible.

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Sometimes the IT support in a business is all taken care of by a third-party or internal staff and all you need is some advice.

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Unsupported IT can be highly frustrating and very time consuming. In most cases it costs businesses more without support than it does with. There is also the added benefit of security being correctly configured to help prevent intruders and data loss.  


We can make sure that your IT is correctly configured and secured. This can involve a basic audit at the outset and then the continuation of support as your business grows and changes in this ever-changing technological world.


Due to the many years’ experience support can be offered for almost any aspect of your IT whether it is hardware, software or cloud-based services. This gives you peace of mind that you don’t have to have many support companies for every area of your IT. For example, we can configure and install your firewall, network switches, Wi-Fi, servers, printers, clients and phone system. This is the foundation of almost all businesses. 


Many support companies concentrate on one area of technology, for example you may end up with a support company for phones, one for Wi-Fi and one for your firewall. This can often lead you being put between the different support companies not knowing what the root cause of an issue is. At Apex IT this problem is solved.


An added advantage of Apex IT is that health monitoring of your network and domain can be added. This is a proactive service that helps identify problems before they cause an issue. For example, servers often record when a disk is failing into a log. The log can easily go unnoticed or not monitored at all, we can pick up on issues like this and many others to then action them before they cause downtime, or even worse, data loss.

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